Life's Greatest Lesson

Life’s Greatest Lesson

        Let’s enjoy a survey together, and if you are younger than 18 years old, then answer the questions as to whether or not you think you will learn or not learn how to do the following activities by your 18th birthday.  Let’s begin.  Did you know how to cook a full breakfast by the time you were 18?  Did you know how to sew on a button when you were 18?  By 18, did you know how to wash your clothes?  Could you swim half a mile by the time you were 18?  Ride a bike for 5 miles?  Did you know how to use power tools when you were 18?  Were you 18 before there were power tools?  Could you change spark plugs when you were 18?  Change a tire?  Did you know how to read and fold a map at 18?  Is a map, for you, something you see on your GPS and are you trying to figure out how to fold a GPS?  Could you balance a checkbook when you were 18?  Maintain an address book?  Keep a

calendar?  And do it all without a phone?  Did you know how to do basic

first-aid at 18?  CPR?  The Heimlich Maneuver?  Could you type using two hands at 18? 

        We could go on like this for a long time but I think the point is made.  There sure is a lot of stuff for us to learn in life.  School courses haven’t even been mentioned.  And what about learning how to live life itself, the moral life, the ethical life, the Jesus-serving, neighbor-loving, world-embracing, let-go-of-self-to-gain-your-self-back life?  Proverbs 22:9 tells us that a generous person will be blessed.  I truly believe that nothing teaches us more about Christian living and discipleship than generosity.  In the early church, when a person was excommunicated, he or she was stripped of the right to give.  How would that make you feel?  “You are no longer allowed to give to the work of God or the sharing of Jesus’ love.”  How would you feel if someone spoke those words to you?  What if our Chair of Stewardship/Finance, Steve Nyberg, came to you and told you that you are no longer

allowed to give to the joyful work of building God’s Kingdom on earth, no time, no money, no talent?  Would you miss anything significant?  One lady, after hearing about yet another ministry being started in her church, went to her pastor and said, “It looks like Bill and I will be spending another chunk of our children’s inheritance.  That is alright with us, given that the thing we most want them to inherit is our love for Jesus and the Christian faith.”

        How about you?  What do you have to say?  Pastor Steve