Are You Spreading Seeds?

Have you ever told a friend about a good restaurant experience? Have you ever shared a picture or someone else's post on Facebook? We often ask ourselves, "How Do We Grow Our Church? How Do We Increase Attendance? Or "How Do We Reach More Children and Get Them To Come To Church? If you have been in Church these past two Sundays, you have heard Pastor Steve talk about the Master Gardener, spreading seeds. Did you know that you can "Spread Seeds" as well by simply using Facebook. Let me explain how:

  1. Log into your Facebook Account and in the Search Bar, look for Aldersgate United Methodist Church, and look for the one in Rock Hill. Or you could also type in your browser address bar and hit enter to open the page.
  2. Under the picture of the Church, click the button that says "Follow." From this point going forward, every time a posting is made by the Church, you will then see it on your timeline when you visit your Facebook Page, you don't even have to go to the Church Page often.
  3. When you see a posting on your timeline from Aldersgate, click the "Share" button and all your "Friends" on Facebook will also see that posting on their Timelines.
  4. You may also write a short note when you Share an Item. This would be a great opportunity to ask your friends to attend or to share it themselves so we can reach as many people in the Rock Hill area.

Every time you simply hit the "Share" button, you are doing your part in a small way to Spread God's Seeds. Let the Master Gardener nurture and grow those seeds. Who knows, something as simple as using Facebook, might be part of the answer to all those questions mentioned earlier.